What Leaders Are Saying

  “Animal Colony is a book that in my mind ranks up there with Brave New World, Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Animal Farm.”    

– Brian Sussman, KSFO Radio Talk Show Host   

“The tale of Animal Colony will open the eyes of those who have been blinded by government power grabs masked in humanitarian clothes.  This is part of the cure to the indoctrination that has occured on behalf of socialism in our country.  I can only pray that Animal Colony awakens more of us in this country.  This may just be the second eye of the giant opening.”   

-- Katy Abram, townhall heroine famous for telling Senator Arlen Specter “you’ve awakened a sleeping giant.”     

“This little book packs a big punch against socialism. Given what is happening here in Washington and the daily assault on free enterprise, the timing of Animal Colony couldn’t be better. Dr. Rexroth, I am concerned that the survival of the American Republic is at stake. Either we will reaffirm our support for free markets, free men, faith and family, or we will go down the road to inevitable serfdom. Your book is a great resource in that struggle. It is a pleasure to be in the same ‘foxhole’ with you.”    

– Dr. Gary Bauer, former Undersecretary of Education and Domestic Policy Advisor for President Reagan, first president of the Family Research Council, and Republican Presidential Candidate, 2000.       

“Animal Colony highlights the dangers of collectivism and socialism in a way that is both entertaining and informative. This little book is a powerful tool that cuts through media bias and makes a compelling argument for individual freedom and limited government”   

 ––Ralph Reed, former Executive Director of the Christian Coalition, President of the Faith and Freedom.