"The tale of Animal Colony will open the eyes of those who have been blinded by government power grabs masked in humanitarian clothes. This is part of the cure to the indoctrination that has occurred on behalf of socialism in our country. I can only pray that Animal Colony awakens more of us in this country. This may just be the second eye of the giant opening." 
Katy Abram, the townhall heroine of “... you’ve awakened a sleeping giant” fame
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Why are people calling Animal Colony “the novel that will save America?” Because this fast-reading novel is far more than an adventure story. It’s also a revealing trip back through American history––seen through the harmless filter of a lovable band of animals. You’ll experience the blunders, tragedies and successes of these escaped farm beasts seeking freedom from tyranny and control over their own destinies. You’ll witness the courage, wisdom and eventual folly of characters who mirror America’s past and present with uncanny clarity. You’ll even have a chance to witness a glimpse of our nation’s future. You’ll know why so many concerned Americans are buying copies for everyone whom they feel needs a gentle but persuasive dose of political clarity. Will you join them? Order your copy today!http://www.amazon.com/Animal-Colony-allegory-todays-America/dp/1439220735/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1235852621&sr=1-1shapeimage_3_link_0
"Brilliantly executed and concisely stated, Animal Colony is a must-read for every United States citizen concerned with the future of his country. Dr. Thomas Rexroth and Mark Olsen have packed 400 years of American history into 178 profound pages. Animal Colony is a modern day masterpiece — one that should be added to the reading list of every American high schooler." 
- Rob Schilling, Charlottesville, Virginia city council member and WINA talk-show host.
Katy Abram endorse Animal Colony on 
Sean Hannity’s 
radio program!
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